As an intern for cARTie, Connecticut's nonprofit mobile art museum bus, I designed online and print materials during the summer of 2022. Each year, cARTie hosts an exhibit of artwork by local high school students onboard the bus for Pre-K and elementary school students to visit. 
I used Canva to design engaging vinyl signage to accompany the artworks chosen for the 2022 exhibit. (None of the following are shown to scale. Most artworks are larger than the signs next to them.)​​​​​​​
Based on feedback from the co-founder of cARTie, I then tried using a color gradient, experimenting with different combinations of shapes around the border, and separating Spanish text for clarity.

Wall Tags
Each final sign (right) illustrates an activity to match its artwork (left). The signs I created are all 8"x10," except for the 36"x36" color wall sign.

Printed Signs
My printed signs, including the wall tag below and the activity signs in the background, have been installed onboard cARTie for the 2022-2023 school year.  The signage was featured in the following section of cARTie's July 2022 newsletter. Read More. 
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